RASSVET #12 - Spring/Summer 2023

Tolia Titaev and the RASSVET international skate team dive into their individual styles to present a very personal and accomplished collection.

For the new season, Tolia Titaev draws inspiration from his team riders, his illustrations, art from friends, art from his collaboration with Dian Liang, space images from old encyclopedias, mythical goth creatures living on the moon, childhood toys, sunlight, vintage prints, positivity in a gloomy era, and more. Tolia infuses all these different concepts and ideas into the brand's classic silhouettes that prevail season after season, with a fit characteristic of Rassvet.

As in every collection, he seeks to re-interpret the meaning of Rassvet. A word that stands for "Dawn" that constantly inspires him: "It represents light and new beginnings, something we all crave more of in current times."