“Oh brother, I’ve been dreaming…”

Old friends meet again in an intimate artistic collaboration between international skate brand RASSVET and Los Angeles-based artist Julian Klincewicz. 

Inspired by Klincewicz’s poetic musings and nostalgic reflections, the collection embodies a sense of freedom, joy, and adventure.

“I formed the collection around a poem & song that I’ve been working on for some time,” explains Klincewicz. “It’s one of freedom, of youthful joy and adventure, of exploration & intimacy. I wanted to capture the essence of skateboarding and fashion, and how both have shaped me and brought communities together.” 

The collection features a medley of artworks - photographic images, drawings, and excerpts of poetry - all woven together to evoke a sense of boyhood freedom. From soft grass fields to sherbet-fire sunsets, each piece contributes to a larger constellation of memories and experiences.